High Risk Licence Courses

High-risk Training Courses

Equip yourself with the skills and capabilities required to work in the high-risk sector.

As a preferred supplier to industry, we understand the requirements for working on site as well as the safety and compliance requirements for operating in any high risk industry. We provide effective and efficient services in the Verification of Competency assessments for plant and machinery in the construction, resources and infrastructure sectors throughout Australia; as well as providing pre-mobilisation and licensed refresher training.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced High Risk Assessors are available both on and off-site to conduct any required training and assessment. Please contact us for more information.


All High Risk courses involve a theory and practical assessment of competence through a 3 Skill Set approach that requires demonstration of all facets of equipment operations: Pre-start, Technical Operation and Post Operational/Shut down. This approach underpins a Zero Harm philosophy and provides assurance to employers that all employees / contractors are competent in the safe operation of high risk plant and machinery.

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