Skill up for in-demand jobs

The post-pandemic economy is hiring. Companies are looking for workers, employers are posting on job boards – there are even industries struggling to find enough skilled people!

The key to success is finding out where your skills, opportunities and interests meet industry demand. Because even though parts of our world may have been put on hold, your future doesn’t have to be. And now, thanks to the JobTrainer Fund, courses in some of the most in-demand industries are free or low-fee for eligible people.

The industries looking to hire right now

If you want to know the industries hiring right now, the Australian has done the work for you. They have researched jobs around the country to find out where the in-demand jobs are right now.

They call these resilient occupations. A resilient occupation(External website, Opens in new window) is a career that we expect to be around for a long time. It’s a job that is needed and sought after in sectors that are looking to hire people now and in the future.

Thousands of jobs are being created in these resilient occupations, ranging from roles in healthcare and technology to teaching and construction.

To help people gain the skills needed for work in these industries, the Australian Government, in partnership with state and territory governments, are funding free and low-fee places in training courses through the JobTrainer Fund.

JobTrainer courses are open to job seekers, young people, and people looking to reskill or upskill in priority areas including aged care, digital skills, disability support and childcare.

Training for your future

There are new job positions emerging in Australia and the cost of upskilling or reskilling doesn’t need to be a roadblock to your career pathway. With JobTrainer, you can prepare yourself to enter an in-demand industry and have your course fees subsidised.


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