Student Services

When you study at ASG, you’re never alone. You can get help and assistance with  every aspect of your study life – from study support and student resources, to counselling, guidance, and help finding jobs or accommodation.

Services for every aspect of your student career

ASG provides support services across all our training locations. Whatever your needs or circumstances, we have the people, the resources, the counselling and the facilities to help you focus on your studies and training.

Career Guidance

Students can seek help from our Guidance Officers with matters regarding courses, career choice, pathways and opportunities, as well as assistance with resume writing, job applications and interview skills.

Students enrolled with ASG are able to access a range of services to assist in career development and personal support.

ASG Guidance Officers can help you to:

  • clarify your career goals;
  • find a course that meets your needs;
  • identify obstacles you may be facing – and help you to deal with them; and
  • develop skills to manage your career into the future.

Once you’ve enrolled, we can support you through your studies in a wide variety of ways, including help with:

  • course planning and study pathways;
  • educational difficulties;
  • study skills; and
  • developing skills to manage your career.

Staff will take the time to listen to your needs and work with you to come up with strategies to help you progress in your course.

Learning Support

ASG provides valuable learner support  in small groups or one-to-one, as well as access to online support via Learning Management System. 

Sometimes you may need help with a particular subject or skill.

Perhaps maths isn’t your strong point, or you find it hard to express ideas in writing for essays or exam answers. If you need help like this, we can offer you tutorials and other forms of learner support to prepare and assist you in achieving your learning outcomes and goals.

Learner support may help you with:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • maths
  • computing skills
  • communication skills

Depending on your needs, we offer learner support:

  • in the workplace
  • in small groups
  • as one-to-one tuition
  • via online utilizing our LMS 

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Student Fees & Charges

Australian Skills Group fees and charges are detailed in the Student Handbook and/or course brochures and are advised to students  at pre-enrolment.

Fees, charges and payment terms may vary depending on fund source. Government funded courses have individual program rule requirements. These are detailed in the pre-enrolment terms and conditions.


ASG will provide a full refund of all fees paid in advance where cancellation of enrolment occurs before commencement of course/semester/stage or census date.

Cancellations or withdrawal after commencement of course/semester/stage or census date will result in no refund.

Exception: for User Choice funded courses, a pro-rata refund will apply for units commenced but not completed.

Refer to ASG Refund Policy in your Student Handbook for more details.

Fee Protection

Australian Skills Group have made provision to safeguard students fees paid in advance of course/tuition delivery. ASG will not collect more than $1500 in advance of course commencement so where course fees are greater than $1500, fees will be collected in semester/stages in accordance with tuition delivery. After course commencement, ASG will collect no more than $1500 in advance of training delivery. This will be calculated pro-rata.