Get Industry Experience

Industry work placements are an increasingly important part of any vocational technician course. In a competitive global market, students graduating with relevant industry work experience already on their CV’s, will stand out from the crowd. 

At ASG, industry work placements are a key element of all our courses.  They give you the opportunity to build your professional skills while studying, as well as make valuable connections with employers in your field of study.

Over the years, many a ASG graduates have been offered a fulltime position by the employer who gave them an industry work placement during their studies.

How long do work placements last?

The duration of work placements vary from 38 hours or 1 week fulltime each semester whilst you are studying.

Will I get paid?

You are not usually paid work placements undertaken. However, many international students have been offered part-time work in their field of study, following the completion of a successful work placement.