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The Certificate 3 Guarantee program is funded by the Queensland Government. It provides a government subsidy to support eligible individuals to complete their first post-school certificate 3 qualification. The Certificate 3 Guarantee subsidy for a course is paid to the training provider to reduce the cost of the certificate 3 course to the student. Student contribution fees (co-contribution fees) are additional.

The amount of subsidy provided by the Certificate 3 Guarantee will vary depending on the demand for skilled workers in a particular industry and the needs of the student.

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Student fact sheet
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Certificate 3
Guarantee Courses

Co-contribution Fees:

All Courses (except UEE22011)
Concession – $25 or Non-concession – $50

Electrical (UEE22011)
Concession – $250 or Non-concession – $500


The Certificate 3 Guarantee program is open to individuals who are:

  • Not already holding or undertaking a Certificate 3 or higher level qualification (Certificate 3 qualifications completed at school and foundation skills training are not counted)
  • Queensland residents aged 15 years or over
  • No longer at school (with the exception of VET in Schools students)
  • Australian or New Zealand citizens or Australian permanent residents (including humanitarian entrants), or temporary residents with the necessary visa and on the pathway to permanent residency

Employment status does not matter and nor is there any minimum education requirement, only the standard entry requirements for the course of study.

Note: Eligible individuals must understand that the entitlement under the Certificate 3 Guarantee is for one government subsidised training place in a funded Certificate 3 qualification. It is very important that you take the time to consider and compare your training options and costs, before signing an enrolment form or committing to a course of study which will use up your entitlement.