Conditions of Enrolment

Students must meet minimum age, academic suitability &
individual course entry requirements.

Students enrolling in state or commonwealth government
funded or Loan programs must meet & abide by all
program criteria.

Students must have reviewed & understood pre-course
information provided to them via email or on the ASG

The student acknowledges that they have read and
understood the course content, assessment requirements,
Industry Placement requirements (if applicable) and
potential career paths / job outcomes of their chosen

The student is responsible for notifying ASG if they have
any medical condition or disability or require assistance in
their training.

The student must meet academic course progress
requirements and attend all scheduled classes.
The student has read, understood and agrees to abide by
the Student Code of Conduct detailed in the Student
Handbook & during Induction.

The student will provide ASG with their verified Unique
Student Identifier (USI), unless exempt.

ASG reserves the right to change or replace trainers at any
time, cancel a course or unit prior to commencement of
each semester and make changes to the syllabus or
timetable at any time, within it’s rights as an education
provider; and without breaching any provider obligations
under prevalent laws and standards.

A qualification may be superseded or replaced from the
National Register and students may be required to
transition to the new qualification.

Language Literacy and Numeracy

Students are required to undertake a LLN assessment pre-course in order that ASG can identify any individual support
requirements. Learning support will be provided by trainers
in-class or internally through scheduled Tutorial Support
sessions. This support is free of charge.

In identifying LLN requirements, students’ are required to have basic skills to:

o write and record information
o read and interpret information
o apply basic mathematical functions

Any specialist or external support required will be at the
student’s own expense, though this can be arranged by

Support Services

ASG is committed to providing all students the opportunity
to achieve a successful course outcome. Students are
encouraged to disclose any individual learning or support
needs at any stage of their learning journey in order that
ASG can arrange assistance, support or advice where

Credit Transfer

ASG recognises the Australian Qualifications Framework
(AQF) and AQF certification documentation issued by other
Registered Training Organisations.

Students may apply for credit by completing the Credit
Transfer Application form and providing suitable evidence.
ASG will verify any evidence provided with the relevant
third party. Where Credit Transfer is granted, the student
will not be required to attend training or assessment in the
relevant unit/s. This may not reduce the course duration.
Fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Any application for RPL must be made using the RPL
Assessment Kit. Applicants are required to undergo an
interview with a qualified assessor to ensure suitability for
this process & are responsible for providing valid, sufficient,
current evidence. RPL assessment fees apply.


If a student is deemed Not Yet Competent for a Unit of
Competency, ASG permits two assessment resubmissions.
Any additional attempts must be justified reassessment
fees apply. Students required to re-enrol in a unit will be
required to pay the tuition fees for that unit again. Reenrolment may occur in a different semester or stage of the
course and can affect the course end date.

Course Fees, Payments and Refunds

Current course tuition and resource fees are published on
the ASG website and/or course factsheets.
Non-tuition fees & other charges are published on the ASG
website & in the Student Handbook.
ASG reserve the right to change course tuition and nontuition fees at any time.

ASG requires a $200 non-refundable enrolment fee at the
time of course booking. This will be deducted from the
course fees on course commencement. At any time, this
fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.
Where a student completes a course early the full tuition
fees must be paid.

ASG will not issue any AQF certification documentation
where fees remain unpaid, unless required to do so by state
or commonwealth funded program rules.




Fee Payment & Protection Measures

ASG do not collect more than $1500 in advance. Where
course fees are greater than $1500**, $1500 will be due
up-front and the remaining fees will be apportioned in
equal amounts across the course duration.

If the full course fees are less than $1500, full payment (less
the prepaid enrolment fee) is due on course

**VET Student Loans student fees are protected through
the Tuition Protection Service (TPS). VSL tuition fees and
conditions are governed by the VET Student Loans Act and
detailed on the ASG website and VSL Student Handbook.

Late Payment & Non-payment of Fees

Late or non-payment of fees may incur a $100 charge.

A student who has outstanding fees owing will not be
permitted to attend class and will have academic results
withheld until the fee debt is paid in full.

ASG will not issue any AFQ certification documentation
where fees remain unpaid.

Students are encouraged to talk to Student Support in
advance if they are having difficulty paying their fees in
order that alternative arrangements can be made.

All refunds are in accordance with ASG’s Refund Policy,
available on the ASG website and in the Student Handbook.

After course commencement there will be no refund of
fees paid, unless required by state or commonwealth
government program rules. Refer to the Student Handbook
for program specific refund requirements.

At all times the $200 enrolment fee is non-refundable in
the event of course cancellation by the student.

Course Withdrawal / Cancellation
The student is required to notify ASG in writing or by
requesting a Course Withdrawal Form should they wish to
withdraw from their course or cancel their enrolment.
Contact info@asg.edu.au.

Should it be necessary for ASG to withdraw a student from
a course due to non-attendance, lack of progression or
misconduct the student shall be advised in writing and
provided 20 days to appeal the decision. ASG will not cancel
the student’s enrolment until the Appeals process has been
finalised. Refer to ASG’s Complaints and Appeals policy on
the ASG website or in the Student Handbook.

Qualification Issuance

ASG is responsible for the issuance of AQF certification
documentation. Statements of Attainment or Certificates
are only issued to students who have been assessed as
competent in accordance with the requirements of the
training product in which they are enrolled.

AQF certification documentation will not be issued where
fees remain unpaid.

Students are responsible for the safe storage of their
Certificates and Statements of Attainment. If a student
requires a reissue of their Certificate or Statement of
Attainment, a $50.00 shall apply.

Complaints and Appeals

ASG will address all complaints and appeals in a fair,
constructive & timely manner. All students have the right
for their complaint or appeal to be heard & for an impartial
decision to be made. If a student wishes to make a formal
complaint they are required to lodge their complaint in
writing. Please refer to the ASG website or Student
Handbook for more information. Students have the right to
lodge an external appeal with the Training Ombudsman if
not satisfied with the outcome. This policy does not remove
the right of the student to take further action under
Australian Consumer Protection Laws
http://www.australia.gov.au/Consumer_Protection or to
lodge an appeal with a relevant external body or to take
other legal action.

Consumer Rights

ASG is responsible to every learner for the quality of the
training and assessment provided, and for the issuance of
the AQF certification documentation.

In the event that ASG, or any third party delivering training
& assessment on its behalf, closes, cancels, or ceases to
deliver for any reason, a course or part of a course that a
student is enrolled in, a refund of fees paid for services not
provided will be provided by ASG. Students who have
already been assessed as competent for some units will be
issued a Statement of Attainment for these units & the
costs of issuing the Statement(s), including training,
assessment & administration fees, will be deducted from
the refund total.

Where there are any changes to agreed services, ASG will
advise students as soon as practicable, including in relation
to any new or existing third-party arrangements or a
change in ownership.

Students’ rights as a consumer are protected under
Australian Consumer Law.

Legislative & Regulatory Requirements

Under the Data Provision Requirements 2012, ASG is
required to collect personal information about you and to
disclose that personal information to the National Centre
for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER). ASG is also
required to collect your personal information under the VET
Regulator Act 2011 & the Student Identifiers Act 2014 (Cth).
For more information on how ASG collect & use your
personal information refer to ASG’s Privacy Policy on the
ASG website, in the Student Handbook and on the ASG
Enrolment Application form.