Living in Brisbane

Brisbane is a gateway to Queensland, a state of varied and stunning natural beauty.

We have beautiful national parks, hundreds of kilometers of beaches, tropical rainforests, and the Great Barrier Reef. Just an hour south of Brisbane is the famous Gold Coast with amazing beaches, amusement parks, and shopping. Just 45 minutes north of Brisbane are the beautiful, quiet beaches of the Sunshine Coast.

There are endless things to explore in Queensland.

Queensland Tourism

Brisbane is also within easy travel distance of Australia’s other major cities and attractions, as well as only being a short flight from great international travel destinations like New Zealand, Bali, and Melbourne.

Moving to Brisbane

If you’re moving to Brisbane for study, there are opportunities to get to know the city before semester starts.

Find out about living in Brisbane, as well as parks, events, facilities and recreation opportunities via the Brisbane City Council and Visit Brisbane websites.

Orientation week is a great opportunity for you to get familiar with our campus and learn to make your way around before classes begin. There are information sessions for students who are new to Brisbane.

We recommend that you arrive a few weeks before semester starts so that you have time to find accommodation, adjust to life in

Brisbane, and attend orientation week. If you’re coming from overseas, there’s a lot to learn when moving to a new country. The Choose Brisbane website has a comprehensive guide to adjusting to life in Australia that you can download.


Brisbane offers you warm sunny days and mild nights, which create a tropical ambience that’s perfect for soaking up the city’s outdoor lifestyle.

The weather in Brisbane is fantastic, with an average temperature 29 to 31 degrees Celsius in summer and 23 to 26 degrees Celsius in winter.


Brisbane’s excellent public transport infrastructure makes it stress-free to get from point A to point Z and basically anywhere in between.

It’s easy to access our college at Brendale, situated in the heart on Industry 12km north of the city with access to large shopping precincts, Universities and rail station only 800m away from our door.



We have support services, advice and helpful lists to help get you set up in Brisbane.

Once you have received confirmation of enrolment, you should look for accommodation that suits your requirements and budget.

Its essential to find the right place to live so you can focus on your studies.

Things Considerations when searching for accommodation include:

Australian Homestay Network

The Australian Homestay Network (AHN) offers safe, affordable and comfortable accommodation for international students studying in Australia.

Our welcoming hosts provide the feeling and support of home so you can settle in faster and become familiar with the Aussie culture, climate and lifestyle. Choose from a range of flexible packages inclusive of meals, utilities and internet access as well as 24/7 support, local orientation and homestay insurance.

AHN’s world-class homestay standards include a home inspection, interview and background check for hosts and a unique preference-based matching system to connect you with the best host.




ASG has a fully comprehensive orientation to help you get familiar with the campus and assist you in settling into your new life in Australia with ease. To get you started, please take note of the International Student Handbook which is full of useful information, tips and tricks to help you get settled in.

The International Student Support Team is also available to offer support and assistance in not only helping you settle in, but throughout your entire time at ASG. Assistance and support includes but is not limited to the following:

• Providing information about ASG campus, policies and procedures
• Supplying information about living in Brisbane
• Answering general questions
• Helping with setting yourself up in Australia e.g. accommodation, banking etc
• Supplying information and support with health concerns and Overseas Student Health Cover
• Assisting with community support and multi-cultural services
• Assisting students with student ID cards
• Learning support
• Visa application and complying with conditions