Education Agents

ASG International partners with high-quality Education Agents to promote our programs internationally and domestically. We are always interested in talking to like-minded professionals that share our vision in education.

About Australian Skills Group

Why Send Students to asg international

The simple answer is affordability and accessibility. You probably talk to many people every year that want to study in other countries, like Australia. Many of these people, for some reason (usually financial), will not be able to pursue their educational goals. ASG International’s online study option provides a solution to those persons seeking a valuable Australian nationally recognised qualification but who cannot afford the time or the money to come to Australia. Furthermore, because ASG International has partnerships with quality Australian universities, you can provide a clear pathway for their future studies – giving them the option to study in Australia at a later date.


Referral Program

ASG International has a unique referral program, whereby all referrals can be digitally tracked, ensuring you are accurately recognised for every referral. For more information as to how you can participate in this program, please contact us today.


Students looking for Education Agents

ASG International works in partnership with the Education Agents contained on our Education Agents list. These Education Agents are authorised representatives of ASG International and can assist you in making your enrolment application with us. They are familiar with our courses and procedures for enrolment and are a great first point of contact.

Education Agents not on the list will need to apply to become an Authorised Representative of ASG International. For further information or clarification please contact us.