Do you want to be a Diesel Mechanic?

If you are a or want to be a diesel motor mechanic … Australia needs you!

We have employers who are desperately seeking qualified and experienced diesel mechanics. Due to skills shortages, Australian Skills Group is Introducing employers with International Students by offering Industry Release as a vital component of their International education experience (which can lead to employment whilst studying).  So NOW is the time to make the move!

Diesel Motor Mechanics maintain, test and repair diesel motors and the mechanical parts of trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles such as transmissions, suspension, steering and brakes.

The average salary in Australia for a qualified and experienced diesel mechanic is $46.32 per hour in Australia. With a minimum week of 38 hours a week, that’s over  $120,000 p.a. Pretty attractive right!

The highly paid diesel motor mechanics will require a AQF Diploma of Engineering Advance Trade (Mechanical & Diesel Fitting) (ANZSCO 321212)

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