RPL AUR30616 – Certificate III Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

What’s involved and when do I need it?

As a general rule of thumb – candidates wishing to RPL this qualification should have 3 years’ experience working specifically on Light Vehicle’s if they hold a prior qualification in another mechanical vocation e.g. Mechanical Fitter/Heavy Vehicle Mechanic. If they don’t hold any other prior qualifications then 5 years’ worth of valid industry experience working on Light Vehicles should be shown.

You would need to show as a minimum:

  • Resume – detailing your industry experience
  • Any prior qualifications – with the academic transcript
  • Workplace evidence e.g. reference letters/short course training docs/VOCs/operational logs/offers of employment/payslips/work orders/job cards/JHAs etc.
  • Photo ID
  • Photo’s of you physically performing the work – if permitted at your workplace

From here we also require 2 x 3rd party referee sign offs– and then we can begin with the formal interview and assessment process – upon successful completion of which a Nationally Recognised Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology will be issued.


When do I need a “Light Vehicle Mechanics License?”

Generally you will require a “Light Vehicle Mechanic’s License” when you wish to either:

  • Register your business and start your own mechanical workshop
  • Conduct roadworthy checks for Light Vehicles

The qualification “AUR30616 – Cert III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology” is the Nationally Recognised Qualification that all LV mechanics enrol in to obtain their Educational Certificate that is issued by a Registered Training Organisation i.e. it is the same certificate issued Australia Wide. Once you then wish to gain your license this comes down to the relevant state regulatory bodies in the state that you reside in e.g. Fair Trading NSW/QLD/VIC for your business registration.

If you wish to register your business as an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) to conduct roadworthy/rego checks – this is regulated by the relevant state transport body e.g. Roads & Maritimes Services in NSW or Department of Transport and Main Roads in QLD.

When you apply to any of the relevant state bodies listed above the first thing they are going to ask you is to provide your relevant Certificate III Level Qualification – in Australia – Certificate 3 in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology is recognised as the “Trade Level” qualification

This may seem a bit complicated however some basic research through your relevant state licensing body and you should be on the right path – below are some helpful links for each state