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Diploma of


– Advanced Trade


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    Vet Student Loan Approved

    The MEM50119 Diploma of Engineering – Advanced Trade program has been specifically developed to the metal, engineering, manufacturing and associated industries and covers subjects such as the interpretation of technical drawings, specifications and engineering information and the skills required to perform a range of welding techniques and diesel maintenance. Suited to those with existing engineering skills as well as those looking to study at an advanced level, it has a dual trade outcome of fabricator and diesel fitter.


    The MEM50119 Diploma of Engineering – Advanced Trade qualification requires the successful completion of all core units and electives to the value of 156 points.

    Core Units

    • MEM09002: Interpret technical drawing
    • MEM11011: Undertake manual handling
    • MEM12023: Perform engineering measurements
    • MEM12024: Perform Computations
    • MEM12025: Use graphical techniques and perform simple statistical computations
    • MEM12026: Perform advanced trade calculations in a manufacturing, engineering, or related environment
    • MEM13015: Work safely and effectively in manufacturing and engineering
    • MEM14006: Plan work activities
    • MEM16006: Organise and communicate information
    • MEM16008: Interact with computing technology
    • MEM16011: Communicate with individuals and small groups
    • MEM16012: Interpret technical specifications and manuals
    • MEM16014: Report technical information
    • MEM17003: Assist in the provision of on-the-job training
    • MEM18001: Use hand tools
    • MEM18002: Use power tools/handheld operations
    • MSMENV272: Participate in environmentally sustainability work practices

    Elective Units

    • MEM05005: Carry out mechanical cutting
    • MEM05007: Perform manual heating and thermal cutting
    • MEM05012: Perform routine manual metal arc welding
    • MEM05015: Weld using manual metal arc welding process
    • MEM05017: Weld using gas metal arc welding process
    • MEM05050: Perform routine gas metal arc welding
    • MEM05051: Select welding processes
    • MEM05052: Apply safe welding practices
    • MEM18003: Use tools for precision work
    • MEM18005: Perform fault diagnosis, installation, and removal of bearings
    • MEM18006: Perform precision fitting of engineering components
    • MEM18012: Perform installation and removal of mechanical seals
    • MEM18020: Maintain Hydraulic system components
    • MEM18055: Dismantle, replace, and assemble engineering components
    • MEM27002: Test and repair compression ignition systems
    • MEM27004: Maintain and repair engine lubrication systems
    • MEM27005: Tune Diesel engines
    • MEM27006: Diagnose and rectify batteries, low voltage sensors and circuits
    • MEM27008: Maintain induction, exhaust, and emission control systems
    • MEM27009: Diagnose and rectify braking systems
    • MEM27010: Diagnose and rectify low voltage charging systems
    • MEM27012: Maintain mobile plant suspension systems
    • MEM27013: Maintain steering system
    • MEM27015: Diagnose and rectify drive line and final drives
    • MEM12003: Perform precision mechanical measurement
    • MEM12004: Perform precision electrical/electronic measurement
    • MEM18011: Shutdown and isolate machines and equipment
    • MEM18010: Perform equipment condition monitoring and recording
    • MEM18021: Maintain hydraulic systems
    • MEM17001: Assist in development and deliver training in the workplace
    • MEM17002: Conduct workplace assessment


    Minimum age: 18 Years

    Completion of Year 12 Certificate; OR

    Successful completion of Language, Literacy, Numeracy assessment at ACSF 3 Exit Level


    3 semesters over 18 months

    Delivery Model

    Face-to-Face in Brendale