MEM50105 – Diploma of Engineering – Advanced Trade via RPL – What’s the Process?

First we need to understand who the qualification is designed for…

MEM50105 – Diploma of Engineering Advanced Trade is a qualification which covers the skills and knowledge required for employment as an Advanced Engineering Tradesperson. The “MEM” – Training Package covers trades in the Manufacturing and Engineering Sector, and is a very broad qualification which covers people with a large number of backgrounds including but not limited to 3 broad fields being:

  • Mechanical Backgrounds
  • Electrical/Electronic Backgrounds
  • Fabrication Backgrounds

Within these 3 broad fields occupational titles are various and can include:

“mechanical tradesperson, fitter and turner, fitter and machinist, maintenance fitter, diesel fitter, plant mechanic, 1st class machinist, special class metal fabrication tradesperson, boilermaker, sheet metal worker, welder, moulder, foundry tradesperson, patternmaker, electrical fitter, electrical mechanic, electrical fitter/mechanic, electrician, refrigeration mechanic and radio tradesperson”

The reasons for obtaining the qualification are various, however typically clients are looking to gain MEM50105 for:

  • Solidifying existing knowledge and to obtain a higher qualification
  • A candidate has gone from a mainly “on the tools” role – into a role where they are still “on the tools” however now they are becoming increasingly involved in design/analysis/research of engineering process’s
  • An employer/licensing body is requiring the candidate to hold the qualification to meet their job role criteria

Who is eligible to RPL MEM50105 – Diploma of Engineering – Advanced Trade?

Strictly speaking a candidate should already hold a relevant Certificate III qualification under the Australian VET Sector, or alternatively a relevant qualification from another country with reputable education standards e.g. NVQ Levels in the UK. However there are exceptions to the rule if the candidate can show sufficient evidence to support their case

Designing a Subject Pathway  and Beginning the Process

The qualification covers 18 core units and then electives must be chosen to the value of 117 points. Generally to RPL a trade qualification we have a set subject pathway for each qual e.g. diesel fitter/boilermaker – however as MEM50105 covers many different trade and skill background we generally must come up with a new subject pathway each time. Our RPL Client Manager at Qualified Today specialises in tailoring your subject pathway to match your skills and background.

To begin the process we generally ask the candidate to submit all evidence to us including but not limited to:

  • Latest resume – detailing your relevant industry experience
  • Prior qualifications – with academic transcript if available
  • Further workplace evidence – e.g. reference letters/short course training docs/VOCs/operational logs/offers of employment/payslips/work orders/job cards/JHAs etc.
  • Photo ID
  • Photo evidence of your work – if available

Once all evidence has been submitted our client manager will arrange a phone interview with you to discuss the best subject pathway to ensure compliance with the qualification whilst also meeting the candidate’s needs and also matching subjects chosen to the candidates skill set

If you are unsure of would like to discuss your options please give us a call on.