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Certificate II in

Australian Skills Group

The MEM20105 Certificate II in Engineering qualification is offered as a traineeship pathway and is designed to provide the minimum skills and knowledge required for working in the engineering/ manufacturing industry and also includes meaningful credit towards an Australian Apprenticeship in an engineering related field. ASG have selected electives with a welding/fabrication focus but these can be modified to suit workplace requirements.


The MEM20105 Certificate II in Engineering qualification consists of 18 units of competency:

5 Core Units

13 Elective Units

Core Units

  • MEM13014A: Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment
  • MEM14004A: Plan to undertake a routine task
  • MEM15002A: Apply quality systems
  • MEM15024A: Apply quality procedures
  • MEM16007A: Work with others in a manufacturing engineering or related environment

Elective Units

  • MEM05007C: Perform manual heating and thermal cutting
  • MEM18001C: Use hand tools
  • MEM16006A: Organise and communicate information
  • MEM05004C: Perform routine Oxy/Acetylene welding
  • MEM05005B: Carry out mechanical cutting
  • MEM05006C: Perform brazing and/or silver soldering
  • MEM05012C: Perform routine manual arc and/or gas metal arc welding
  • MEM05050B: Perform routine gas metal arc welding
  • MEM07032B: Use workplace machines for basic operations
  • MEM09002B: Interpret technical drawing
  • MEM11011B: Undertake manual handling
  • MEM12023A: Perform engineering measurements
  • MEM18002B: Use power tools/hand held operations


Minimum Age: 14 years


Up to 12 months

Delivery Model



A student Co-Contribution fee is required in accordance with QLD government User Choice Policy.