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Undertake manual handling

Australian Skills Group

The MEM11011 Undertake Manual Handling unit applies to lifting and moving materials manually and/or using basic manual handling equipment in a wide range of environments.

Maximum manual lifting weight is limited to National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC) recommendations.

Licensing/Regulatory Information

Not applicable.


This unit has no prerequisites.

Employability Skills Information

This unit contains employability skills.

Elements and Performance Criteria

Lift materials manually

  • Material weight is determined correctly utilising most appropriate technique, and risks associated with lifting are assessed.

  • Lifting techniques are undertaken to National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC) and standard operating procedures. Types of movement, methods, storage, height and position are considered.

Move/shift materials manually

  •  Appropriate equipment is selected where required.

  • Material is placed safely and securely on moving equipment.

  • Material is relocated ensuring safety of personnel and security of material.

  • Material is unloaded from moving equipment and placed in a safe and secure manner.

Required Skills and Knowledge

Look for evidence that confirms skills in:

  • identifying relevant standards and lifting techniques
  • assessing weight of material
  • selecting lifting equipment
  • working and communicating in teams
  • assessing risks
  • planning
  • reading and interpreting routine information on written job instructions, specifications and standard operating procedures. May include drawings
  • following oral instructions

Required Knowledge

Look for evidence that confirms knowledge of:

  • manual handling techniques
  • hazards of incorrect procedures
  • NOHSC standards for manual handling
  • safe work practices and procedures