Why Study With Us?

Nationally recognised and industry
tailored qualifications

Australian Skills Group has industry relationships with some of the biggest industry players in the world who assist our students in making the necessary connections giving them the edge to further their career opportunities.

ASG has regular consultation with leading tertiary educators around the country to ensure our graduates have pathways into university study. Our graduates may even receive credit towards their tertiary pathway, cutting the time and cost of further education!

Australian Skills Group

World Class Experience

ASG provides the majority of courses using a face-to-face method of training delivery. This tried and trusted method allows students to fully engage with their learning, their peers and their trainers. Our trade skills training is conducted in our custom built trade workshops with a focus on practical, hands-on learning; and knowledge-based training is delivered in fully equipped, classroom environments.

We also engage regularly with Industry to ensure that our course content is current, relevant and ‘trending’; and that the plant, tools, equipment and machinery used, meets industry standards and current practices.

Our focus is on providing job-ready students to meet workforce gaps and shortages.  

Our first class facility has been developed in consultation with industry to provide you access to the machines and systems used in the real world, optimising your on-the-job practical experience.

Engaging Training

Our trainers have been selected for their extensive industry experience and ability to impart knowledge with passion and enthusiasm. As adult educators, they understand that individual students have different learning needs and requirements; that some people learn by doing; that others may prefer to watch and learn first. Our courses are structured in a way that facilitates extra tutorial support where required in order that each individual student can have their learning needs met. A successful course outcome for all our students is a priority.