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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Australian Skills Group (ASG).

At ASG, you can expect to receive an outstanding training program, interactive, practical and flexible courses and a unique learning experience. Our friendly staff will ensure that you will have a strong support network and an educational experience that is tailored for your specific needs.

We believe that the delivery of uncompromising quality and excellence is a key obligation for training providers as they take on the responsibility of shaping the careers of young people, as well as experienced professionals.

At ASG we take our role as educators and mentors very seriously. We deliver quality and we expect our teachers to actively engage in their students learning and professional development.

Our exciting programs are designed to teach you the skills and equip you with all the necessary tools to allow you to perform your job in the real world. We design programs to ensure that you acquire not only the practical skills and theoretical knowledge in your respective areas of interest, but also the key employability skills that are critical to succeed in a increasingly competitive market.

I welcome you to a Australian Skills Group where the “drive for quality has no finish line”.

Paul Scaysbrook

Chief Executive Officer


Established in 2010, Australian Skills Group (ASG) has rapidly grown to become one of Industry’s leading providers of quality Vocational Education and Training and is currently the preferred supplier of vocational skills training across Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. This has been achieved by tailoring training solutions to employer’s workforce needs.

Since its inception Australian Skills Group has consolidated its market position and built a strong and trusted brand through close relationships with industry.

Our success can be attributed to our understanding of the economic and political drivers that impact the availability of, and need for, a skilled workforce; and the ongoing strategic development of our extensive scope of registration to meet this dynamic need. Through the provision of nationally recognised training we not only equip individuals with the competencies required by employers but provide skills assessment, gap training and bespoke training solutions to meet industry and workplace current and future skills needs.

Skilling Tomorrow’sWorkforce Today”

We are committed to working with clients to identify workforce solutions across the business spectrum to improve productivity, decrease bottlenecks and improve clients’ supply chain efficiencies.

At Australian Skills Group, we believe that the reason we are in business is to contribute to the achievement of our clients’ business goals. We always conduct ourselves in good faith and with transparency. To assist our customer to achieve a competitive advantage in the market, the ASG value proposition is built on the following three principles:

Applied practical learning – ensuring students spend time in a real-world work environment, giving them opportunities to put theory into practice and develop industry-specific knowledge. As leaders in work integrated learning, ASG help students develop a network of prospective employers while they hone their skills.

Industry-driven and responsive to workforce demand, with industry at the table co-designing curricula pathways to ensure it is of the highest skill set. Working closely to create work ready integrated learning opportunities, means there is a well-developed industry pipeline to support smooth labour market transitions for ASG graduates.

Flexible and built for lifelong learning, with a breadth of credentials designed to respond to Industry demand for labour. Numerous programs are modularised with stackable industry credentials that allow students to move between training and employmentwithout disrupting productivity.

Our ability to offer training and skills development to those entering the labour market for the first time and along with serving the needs of mid-career workers seeking to modernise skill sets, ASG has the holistic solution to enhancing skills and maximisingworkforce productivity.


Australian Skills Group offers over 50 nationally recognised pre-employment programs, trade and post trade programs which create numerous pathways for employment or further study. These programs and courses service a broad cross-section of vocational training areas including:

At Australian Skills Group, we work closely with our industry partners to offer training solutions to help business and industry to grow and up-skill their workforce to improve workplace productivity, employee retention and job satisfaction.

Entry Requirements

Entry into all our international programs requires:

• IELTS 5.5 or above (or equivalent)
• A minimum of 18 years of age
• Completion of year 12 at school, including passes in mathematics

We also administer a Language, Literacy & Numeracy test (LLN) during Orientation to ensure that you have the required skills to complete the course. This is marked by our trained LLN assessors and allows us to proactively assist you in reaching your academic goals.

Student Visas

You must not apply for a student visa before you have accepted your offer to study at ASG. Student visas can only be granted for study in courses that are registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

It is important to know what type of visa you will require as student visas are classified under several subclasses.
Visit the Department of Home Affairs to learn more about Australia student visa requirements, types, processing times and fees.

Support for
International students

We understand that living and studying away from your home country can be challenging. Find out more about living in Australia and how our international support team can assist you.

Applying for
Student Visas

Here’s everything you need to know about the type of student visa you’ll need, and how to apply for it.

Applying for Student Visas

Here’s everything you need to know about the type of student visa you’ll need, and how to apply for it.

Student Statement of Purpose example for visa applications
ASG International Guidelines for International Students on:
1. Genuine Student Temporary Entrant Living Expenses