About the Australian Skills Group

Established in 2010, Australian Skills Group (ASG) has rapidly grown to become one of Industry’s leading providers of quality Vocational Education and Training and is currently the preferred supplier of vocational skills training across Queensland and Western Australia.  This has been achieved by tailoring training solutions to employer’s workforce solutions.

Since its inception, Australian Skills Group has consolidated its market position and built a strong and trusted brand through close relationships with industry.

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Australian Skills Group


At Australian Skills Group we are committed to working with clients to identify workforce solutions across the business spectrum with a view to improving productivity and decreasing bottlenecks across our client's supply chain.

At Australian Skills Group, we believe that the reason we are in business is to contribute to our customers' achievement of their business goals. We will always conduct ourselves in good faith and with transparency. To assist our customer to achieve a competitive advantage in the market, the ASG value proposition is built on the following key factors:

  • Solution Development Process
  • Quality
  • Cost Effectiveness


Rather than focussing exclusively on training, Australian Skills Group works with our partners liaising with industry, local communities and governments to:

  • Maximise utilisation of skills in the workplace to increase productivity
  • Maximise workforce participation through the provision of training services
  • Promote efficiency and mobility in partner’s workforce by combining training with workforce operations

Australian Skills Group and industry partners work cooperatively and collaboratively with communities and government in creating a coordinated and strategic learning development strategy for the partner organisation. This ensures our partners are able to build, attract and retain a skilled workforce to meet their business needs for the future.