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MEM31419 Certificate III Engineering – Fixed and Mobile Plant Mechanic

This qualification defines the skills and knowledge required of an Engineering Tradesperson – Mechanical specialising in diesel fitting and plant mechanics within metal, engineering, manufacturing and associated industries.

Packaging Rules: 


To be awarded the MEM31419 Certificate III in Engineering – Fixed and Mobile Plant Mechanic, units of competency to the value of 96 points must be achieved, chosen as outlined below:

  • Core units of competency (totalling 63 points)
  • Elective units as follows:
  • Group A electives to the value of 33 points to bring the total value to 96 points.
  • A maximum of 23 points from Group D

MEM13015     Work safely and effectively in manufacturing and engineering

MEM16006     Organise and communicate information

MEM11011     Undertake manual handling

MEM18001     Use hand tools

MEM18002     Use power tools/hand held operations

MEM12023     Perform engineering measurements

MEM12024     Perform Computations

MEM14006     Plan work activities

MEM09002     Interpret technical drawing

MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

MEM16008     Interact with computing technology

MEM18055     Dismantle, replace and assemble engineering components

MEM27020     Apply knowledge to a range of large combustion engine operations to service and maintenance tasks

MEM27006     Diagnose and rectify batteries, low voltage sensors and circuits

MEM27019     Diagnose, repair and replace diesel engines in stationary and mobile plant

MEM27023     Diagnose and rectify fieldbus circuits in mobile and stationary plant and equipment

MEM27016     Diagnose and maintain electronic controlling systems on mobile and stationary plant and equipment

MEM27017     Maintain, fault find and rectify hydraulic systems for mobile plant

MEM17003     Assist in the provision of on the job training

MEM13001     Perform emergency first aid

MEM27008     Maintain induction, exhaust and emission control systems

MEM27001     Maintain and repair stationary and mobile plant engine cooling systems

MEM27002     Test and repair compression ignition systems

MEM27009     Diagnose and rectify braking systems

MEM27012      Maintain mobile plant suspension systems

MEM27013     Maintain steering system

MEM27015     Diagnose and rectify drive line and final drives

MEM27007     Diagnose and rectify low voltage starting systems

MEM27010     Diagnose and rectify low voltage charging systems

The Certificate III in Engineering – Fixed and Mobile Plant Mechanic specifies the competencies required for employment as an Engineering Tradesperson – The skills associated with this qualification are intended to apply to a wide range of trade work including manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of mobile and stationary plant, servicing, diagnosis and rectification of faults, condition monitoring, and preventative maintenance.

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