Human Capital

Managing talent has become an important differentiator for organisations in both the public and private sector. Our Human capital system addresses people and talent issues across multiple industries, organisations and functions. We specialise in integrating people strategy with business strategy to boost organisational effectiveness.

We make a difference to our clients by developing and implementing the talent and HR strategies that enhance an organisation’s value through its people.

We specialise in integrating people strategy with business strategy to boost organisational effectiveness.

  • Organisational Change
  • HR Transformation
  • Talent and Workforce Planning

Organisational Change

Getting the best from people at every level when there is constant change is the key to sustainable competitive advantage. Great leaders know that change only sticks when the people it affects are involved in the process of bringing it about.

Solid strategies, processes and technology alone don’t deliver results; people must accept, adopt, drive, and sustain the change in order for organisations to realise the tangible benefits. Success in business hinges on strategic agility and the ability to execute.

We focus strongly on understanding the organisational culture and concerns of employees and other stakeholders in order to create the solutions that fit.

HR Transformation

Many change programs do not achieve their goals due to a failure to adequately engage people and overcome resistance to change. AAG change management methodology systemically supports either incremental or transformational business change, helping clients to achieve desired outcomes and benefits that maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function.

Talent and Workforce Planning

Achieving sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace is dependent upon your ability to attract, recruit, engage, develop and retain key talent. Our team has deep technical knowledge and a strong sense of commercial awareness, and we can assist you to:

  • Accurately assess critical skills, capabilities and trends that contribute to high performance, at an organisational level
  • Design, develop and implement solutions that reflect thought leadership, quality and innovation, and seek to clearly demonstrate value for clients by developing and implement a talent strategy that complements your business strategy.