Diploma of Engineering

Advanced Trade (Diesel & Welding)

Next Start Date: 14th of July 2022


18 Months

Payment Options Available

Delivery Mode: Face-to-Face


Diploma of Engineering

Advanced Trade (Diesel & Welding)

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required for employment as an engineering advanced tradesperson within the metal, engineering, manufacturing & associated industries as a Diesel Fiitter &/or Welder. Very practical in approach it allows for the development of key skills over time through the completion of job tasks in a simulated environment.

Employment Opportunities

On successful course completion students will be dual trade qualified as a Mechanical Engineering tradesperson, equipped to obtain employment as a:

• Welder

• Diesel Fitter

Tuition Fees:

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Semester 1:

MEM13015: Work safely and effectively in manufacturing and engineering

MEM16006: Organise and communicate information

MEM11011: Undertake manual handling

MEM12023: Perform engineering measurements

MEM12024: Perform Computations

MEM16008: Interact with computing technology

MEM18001: Use hand tools

MEM18002: Use power tools/handheld operations

MEM05052: Apply safe welding pratices

MEM05051: Select welding processes

MEM05050: Perform routine gas metal arc welding

MEM09002: Interpret technical drawing

MEM14006: Plan work activities

MEM05012: Perform routine manual metal arc welding

MEM05007: Perform manual heating and thermal cutting

MEM18003: Use tools for precision work

MEM18011: Shutdown and isolate machines and equipment

MEM18055: Dismantle, replace, and assemble engineering components

MEM18006: Perform precision fitting of engineering components

MEM18005: Perform fault diagnosis, installation, and removal of bearings

Semester 2:

MEM12025: Use graphical techniques and perform simple statistical computations

MEM16012: Interpret technical specifications and manuals

MEM16011: Communicate with individuals and small groups

MEM16014: Report technical information

MEM27002: Test and repair compression ignition systems

MEM12026: Perform advanced trade calculations in a manufacturing, engineering, or related environment

MSMENV272: Participate in environmentally sustainability work practices

MEM18005: Perform fault diagnosis, installation and removal of bearings

MEM18012: Perform installation and removal of mechanical seals

MEM27006: Diagnose and rectify batteries, low voltage sensors and circuits

MEM27010: Diagnose and rectify low voltage charging systems

MEM27009: Diagnose and rectify braking systems

MEM27012: Maintain mobile plant suspension systems

MEM27013: Maintain steering system

MEM18010: Perform equipment condition monitoring and recording

MEM12003: Perform precision mechanical cutting

Semester 3:

MEM05017: Weld using gas metal arc welding process

MEM05015: Weld using manual metal arc welding process

MEM27004: Maintain and repair engine lubrication systems

MEM18020: Maintain hydraulic system components

MEM27005: Tune Diesel engines

MEM27008: Maintain induction, exhaust, and emission control systems

MEM27015: Diagnose and rectify drive line and final drives

MEM12004: Perform precision electrical/electronic measurement

MEM18021: Maintain hydraulic systems

MEM16009: Research and analyse engineering information

MEM17001: Assist in development and deliver training in the workplace

MEM17002: Conduct workplace assessment

MEM17003: Assist in the provision of on-the-job training

ASG Entry Requirements

Minimum age: 18 years

Academic suitability:

~ Australian Year 12 Certificate; or

~ An AQF Certificate IV level qualification or higher

~ Successful completion of LLN assessment at ACSF Level 3

You also need to supply your own PPE – steel cap boots, long

pants & high-viz shirt.

Student Services

We offer a range of support services to assist you in achieving a successful course outcome. This includes tutorial support and Language, Literacy & Numeracy assistance where required. Please contact us to discuss any other individual needs.


PH: +617 3889 8233



Assessment takes place at the end of each unit with a Knowledge Test and Practical Demonstration & throughout the course with a holistic project due at the end of each semester.


18 months

2 days a week

over 3 semesters