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AUR20916 Certificate II
in Automotive Body Repair

Australian Skills Group


The AUR20916 Cert II in Automotive Body Repair Technology qualification consists of 13 units of competency:

13 Core Units

Core Units

  • AURAEA002: Follow environmental and sustainability practice in an automotive workplace
  • AURAFA002: Read and respond to automotive workplace information
  • AURAMA001: Work effectively with others in an automotive workplace
  • AURASA002: Follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace
  • AURTTK002: Use and maintain workplace tools and equipment in an automotive workplace
  • AURETR025: Test, charge and replace batteries and jump-start vehicles
  • AURLTJ013: Remove, inspect and refit light vehicle wheel and tyre assemblies
  • AURVN007: Remove and clean salvageable vehicle components
  • AURVTN037: Test vehicle components for correct operation
  • AURVTN042: Dismantle vehicle components
  • AURTTA004: Carry out servicing options
  • AURTTC001: Inspect and service cooling systems
  • AURTTB001: Inspect and service breaking systems


4 Weeks
Monday to Thursday 8:30-3:00pm

Delivery Model

Face-to-Face in Brendale


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